How I Used the Rules of Attraction To Win My "Ex Girlback" Abaft
Without Using Any So Called Mind Control Tactics Or Stratagem

The One Thing About "Traditional
 Rules" These
They Just Don't Work Anymore,
These Are [FACTS]


Do whatever it takes to stop feeling sad and sorry for yourself and start feeling happy, Right?
well that's far from truth.

Breaking up is tuff, you’re hurting all over and all you hear day in and day out is you must
maintain your composure, what a load of crap Right?

Also one must feel like there’s no room for sorrow, again what a load of bullshit, Right?

Furthermore you keep asking yourself so, so many questions and so, so many underlying
circumstances that you believe tore you apart, knowing that if you had taken the right
approach to these critical mistakes you could have avoided them right from the beginning.

Not really, because sometimes it happens for a very good reason, an example might be that
the relationship is just too toxic to continue.

You might also keep on saying to yourself, there must be ways "to win my ex girlfriend back".

Well on the brighter side of things, if there is love still floating around between the two of you
then this usually offers you a chance at [winning your girlfriend back].

Let me elaborate on this matter a bit further for you OK.

Firstly I want you to thing about these facts OK, was he or she a total inept person that just
made things so unbearable that you can no longer endured or tolerate their swallow humor
or mannerisms from this individual.

Then there is this to think about, was it because the passion and dolor just became a
heartbreaking misery just to be with or been seen with him or her, these are issues or uncalled burdens that have been place on you OK but, one must consider what I am writing about please.

Then we have these points to thing about. Anxiety, personal mental stress or strain on oneself,
a weary load that's not called for or a herculean task needed just to kept the other person blithe.

It's such a obnoxious odious that is totally unwelcome plus rotten and offensive to say the least.

Just before I go on, most women like reading from a woman point of view, and the same goes
for men, so if you are wondering who I am that is writing this, it's a man OK with lots of savoir-
faire homogeneity with women that became fondness memories instilled within myself and life.

In addition to that, I never write about anyone I have been with, I am just generalising on my
anamnesis and telling you what I have also seen in other couples over many years.

Then we have this to think about, when your good and ready to move on and no without
anymore hesitation or scruples this is another thing to consider when the shilly-shallying is
out of the way.

You see or meet or become friends with someone new that you really like or want to start over
again with, what do you do and how do you go about telling this new person how you feel about
them without pushing then away.

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